Campy Van layout plans

campervan conversion plans

The past week has been consumed by planning and deconstruction of Campy Van.

Thankfully the weather has been kind, even though I’ve had to do this work in my parents’ garden.  The workshop where I planned to do most of it still has another project being finished.

Over the week I’ve gradually removed the cupboards and ripped back the panelling of the ceiling. My work was slowed by doing things gently in order to be reuse the same materials and by naysayers doubting what I was doing.

I’ve had a chance to discuss my layout over and over again. People come up with great alternatives, usually along the lines of what traditional campervan and motorhome builders do. I have to explain that, as a multi-functional van acting as mum taxi during the week and weekend house on the weekends and holidays, Campy Van has to be more flexible. This flexibility will, of course, draw with it compromises. I’m happy to live with that…I think…but practical use will tell.

I’ve sketched the plans. (Tried using SketchUp, but the learning curve was too steep to faff around.)

The plan

Mum taxi:

Campy Van daytime travel layout

that carries 7 possibly 8 passengers with seatbelts
Our weekend bolthole

with 5 comfy sleeping places.

Campy Van sleeping layout plan

I have some big decisions to make about hot water and cooking:

  1. install gas to use for cooking
  2. install gas to use for cooking, a BBQ and heating hot water
  3. install a diesel hotplate to use offgrid and electric hob when we are on EHU; hot water only on EHU or solar shower out of a black bag.

Current budgetary and time constraints mean I won’t be able to fit solar panels immediately, and possibly not even the running water system.  Yet I have to make provisions for all of these to slot in, with relative ease, at a later date.

There are some brands that I have got to know and trust from using them in Campy, but I am still finding my way around the plethora of products available on the conversion market.  It’s daunting and research takes a lot of time.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time on some really good forums, my favourite being SBMCC, where I’m a paid up member. The advice and insight is invaluable, coming mostly from those who have been there and done that and often have papers to prove their competence too.

Are there any brands and accessories you highly recommend or advise to steer away from?

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