Campervan conversion inspiration

It’s lovely to spend some time on the internet searching and researching inspirational ideas for Campy Van.  Especially with lots of work and a steep learning curve looming ahead.

I love gathering inspiration for Campy Van and also sharing our own journey through just pictures.

I’ve also started following a fellow retired ambulance converter- The Vanbulance- on Instagram.  It’s fascinating seeing them “just” few, tough steps ahead of us.


A photo posted by The Vanbulance (@the_vanbulance) on

The Instagram hashtag #vanlife is a great one to follow too.

Then, don’t let me near Pinterest! I love gathering all the ideas into one place:
Follow Monika aka Mumonthebrink’s board Camper van and caravan on Pinterest.

Do you have any inspirational folks to follow for their campervan conversion and adventures?

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